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SURNAMES of interest to me ...
PHOTOS - My Family related GROUP PHOTOS
PHOTOS - My Family related villages (maps + photos)
Photos - who and/or where ?
Eglise catholique
GENEANET_ancêtres directs de François MEISCH
FM's Photos, documents et copies actes
FM's Foto - Souvenirs vu MAMER
FM's Foto - Souvenirs vu ALTWIES
TIME LINE Luxembourg - Dates importantes pour le G-D de Luxembourg

Luxembourg - The country

L u x e m b o u r g Genealogy

L u x e m b o u r g Genealogy related sites I discovered while searching ...

HP's from Luxembourg Genealogists

HELP for researchers for LUXEMBOURG

PHOTOS from Luxembourg ... on the web

L u x e m b o u r g Genealogy and ... surrounding countries -- F R A N C E (Germany)
L u x e m b o u r g Emigration related sites

"Places" in Luxbg - find them on a map (Luxalbum) !
FRANCE - Liens vers des sites aidant les débutants et ... les autres en généalogie ...(! my page detailing those links: SORRY - certain links if not all are dead or are used for sthg else)

GERMANY related sites ...

What happend this day ... in history ... ?
Preserve Family Memory
POSTCARDS - Did you ever try to imagine your ancestors "surroundings" ?

Online LUXBG phonebook

Luxbg related LINKS quid
A lot of the following Genealogical links due to the Trier-Roots mailing list - my thanks to the helpful members of that and other lists
Good Links to gateways to Ancestor & Family-research
Genealogical TOOLS
Genealogy Discussion groups / Forums

Sports I tried ... ( also in Luxembourg )